Information Technology

Recent IT activities / Initiatives executed by the CDA Guwahati :-

(1) Functioning of Dynamic Website of CDA Guwahati :-

The Dynamic Website of the CDA Guwahati has already been hosted where details of Bills information in respect of the units/formations and those of the vendors/suppliers are being displayed. The menu contains options like (i) Change of password, (ii) Bills information - passed, pending and returned, (iii) Funds information, (iv) Generation of MER, (v) Posting of Feedback / Suggestions / Grievances / Complaints etc. For that purpose a registration process has also been in place for the registration of unit/formation and vendors/suppliers. A warm response from the units/formations has already been obtained and they have been issued login and password promptly by this office.

(2) Functioning of Dynamic Website of PAO(ORs) ARC and PAO(ORs) 58 GTC Shillong :-

For the benefit of the PBORs of Assam Regiment and Gorkha Regiment, Dynamic Websites of PAO (ORs) Assam Regimental Centre Shillong and PAO(ORs) 58 Gorkha Training Centre Shillong have also been hosted by the NIC Bangalore on their staging Server. Salary data in respect of the PBORs for both the PAOs are being uploaded by NIC authorities at Bangalore. For this purpose, monthly salary data of the PBORs are being transmitted to NIC Bangalore for their necessary uploading for viewing of Salary slips by the units formations and by the Jawans respectively. The Websites can be visited at in respect of PAO(ORs) Assam Regimental Centre, Happy Valley, Shillong - 793 007 and in respect of PAO(ORs) 58 Gorkha Training Centre, Happy Valley, Shillong - 793 007.

(3) AO GE Project (VISHWAK) :-

Training on the Project Vishwak has already been imparted to the AO GE offices under this organization for them to work. HQrs office has placed order for the VPNoBB connections for the AO GE offices. Presently 14 (Fourteen) AO GE offices spread over the locations of Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur, Missamari, Dinjan, Rangiya and Silchar have been connected with VPNoBB connection. After that a Server has been readied at Main Office, CDA Guwahati and the same has been connected with these AO GE offices through WAN to work online in Client / Server mode. The AO GE offices have already started working using the VPNoBB Connection. For working in the Project Vishwak, the site can be accessed at

(4) AAO BSO Project (BHAWAN) :-

The Project Bhawan on AAO BSO has been formally launched by Hon'ble CGDA, Shri Nand Kishore, IDAS on the occasion of the DAD Day on 30th Sept, 2011 at the auditorium of the CENTRAD, Delhi Cantt in presence of large gathering of Officers and staff of the department. The Project has already been implemented fully in all the 7 (Seven) AAO BSO Offices and 12 (Twelve) Nos of AO GE offices working as AAO BSOs under this organization. LF Bills in respect of Service Officers (both Army and Air Force), Defence Civilians and Private Parties are being generated by them and are being sent to the users including Pr CDA (O) Pune for recovery.

(5) ORs Pay System :-

The CDA Guwahati is having two PAO Offices to take care of the ORs Pay System for the Assam Regimental Centre and 58 Gorkha Training Centre, both are located at Shillong. They are (a) PAO(ORs) ARC, Happy Valley, Shillong-793 007 and (b) PAO(ORs) 58 GTC, Happy Valley, Shillong-793 007. The Monthly Pay System (MPS) using the COBOL System of Pay was introduced in both the PAOs with effect from Sept, 2010. However, the MPS using the COBOL system has been replaced with the Java based online DOLPHIN System with effect from May, 2011.

(6) Kiosk Information System :-

A Kiosk Information System has been installed recently during March 2011 at the reception of the MO, CDA Guwahati where from the Funds and Bills information processed through the Office Automation System by Miscellaneous, Stores and Transportation Sections can be had by the representatives of the Units / Formations, Third Parties / Vendors / Suppliers using the simple login system. This is done so that the users can have the total Single Window Package of information at same place right from the receipt of the Dak to the DV No. This has created a lots of enthusiasm amongst the representatives of the Units / Formations as they have been benefited by this system and they did not have to visit sections to collect the information for their offices.

(7) CGDA Mail Server :-

CGDA Mail Server is now in operation. This can be accessed through MPLS-VPN-WAN by typing URL in the address bar of the browser. Details of the (a) Installation Process for using the Mail Server, (b) User Guide, (c) Mail Server e-mail addresses of all the IDAS Officers, (d) Mail Server e-mail addresses of all the Officers serving the department on deputation and (e) Mail Server e-mail addresses of all the DAD Offices can be downloaded from HQrs office WAN site. Presently a few important reports / returns including Punching Media data are being transmitted to HQrs office through this Mail Server. The Mail Server Address of the CDA Guwahati is where mails can be sent.