Guwahati Newsletter:-

Workshop on Project Dolphin at Records Office, ARC Shillong :-

A three-days workshop was conducted on Project Dolphin at the behest of Main Office, CDA Guwahati from 12.03.2012 to 14.03.2012 at Shillong. The workshop was held at the Records Office of ARC Shillong. It was inaugurated by Hon'ble Controller, Shri C.Zothankhuma, IDAS. Officials from both the PAO offices, viz, PAO(ORs) ARC, Shillong and PAO(ORs) 58 GTC, Shillong along with JCOs/ORs working in the Records offices of ARC and 58 GTC participated in the said workshop. In the workshop the participants brought their various problems encountered during day-to-day working and got their doubts cleared. The faculties Shri Shankar Sunwar, AAO DDP, PAO(ORs) ARC Shillong and Shri Rajen Lama, AAO DDP, PAO(ORs) 58 GTC Shillong provided solutions of the problems with demo of the real data of ARC Shillong faced during adjustments of various types of DOsII through the Modules under Project Dolphin.

Grievance Officer :-

Shri D.K.Pathak, IDAS, Asstt Controller, CDA Guwahati has been nominated as the Grievance Officer for the Controller of Defence Accounts, "Udayan Vihar", Narangi, Guwahati - 781 171 (Assam).

Full fledged functioning of Project BHAWAN already began in CDA Guwahati organization :-

CDA Guwahati has 7 (Seven) Nos of AAO BSO Offices where Project Bhawan was implemented initially. The AAO BSO offices are (1) AAO BSO Narangi, (2) AAO BSO Jorhat, (3) AAO BSO Dinjan, (4) AAO BSO Missamari, (5) AAO BSO Tezpur, (6) AAO BSO Shillong and (7) AAO BSO Silchar. In addition to these AAO BSO Offices, 12 Nos of AO GE offices are also doing the AAO BSO jobs due to absence of AAO BSO offices in their areas. Hence these offices are included for implementation of Project Bhawan. These offices are (1) AO GE (AF) Borjar, (2) AO AGE (I) Rangiya, (3) AO GE (AF) Tezpur, (4) AO GE (AF) Shillong, (5) AO GE (P) Umroi, (6) AO AGE (I) Kumbhirgram, (7) AO GE (AF) Chabua, (8) AO AGE (I) Lekhapani, (9) AO GE 859 EWS, (10) AO GE 868 EWS, (11) AO GE 869 EWS and (12) AO GE 872 EWS. All the AAO BSO offices could create system generated .txt files in respect of Army Officers and rendered to Pr CDA (O) Pune and their data have already been accepted by Pr CDA (O) Pune. In addition to Army Officers, respective offices could generate .pdf files in respect of Air Force Officers which have been sent to AFCAO New Delhi. Few offices could generate Defence Civilian's data for various PAO offices viz, Area Accounts Office, Shillong and AO GEs. One AAO BSO Office has generated .pdf files in respect of Private Parties also. Most of the AO GE offices also could create system generated .txt files in respect of Army Officers for Pr CDA (O) Pune and Air Force Officers for AFCAO New Delhi and their data have also been accepted and so now they have concentrated on generation of data for Defence Civilians.
A separate e-mail account has been created by this office for exclusive use of Project Bhawan to render .txt files in respect of Army Officers generated by the AAO BSO and AO GE offices of this organization to Pr CDA (O) Pune and to receive the acknowledgments thereof. The AAO BSO and AO GE offices under this organization, whose names have been mentioned above are required to send data in respect of Army Officers to this e-mail account only.
Another private e-mail account already in use separately for the users of Project Bhawan to send queries by the users and to provide all the users fresh updates/patches of the Project through this e-mail account only. So far more than 200 queries have been received and all these have been replied to.

lnstallation of VPNoBB connection in all the AO GE offices :-

Order has already been placed centrally by HQrs office to BSNL New Delhi for providing MPLS based VPNoBB connection so that these offices can get connected with the Main office, CDA Guwahati. So far 14 Nos of offices have so far been connected with the said connection and they have began using the connection for working in to the Project Vishwak and their works being captured in the server kept at MO, CDA Guwahati. BSNL authority has been reminded to complete the said installation to all AO GE offices so that they also can work online in the system. However, the offices which have not been connected so far have been advised to work offline in their PCs and the data thus generated would be ported to the Server at MO, CDA Guwahati when they would be provided with the connection by the BSNL authority.

Project VISHWAK has been implemented in CDA Guwahati organization :-

CDA Guwahati has 23 Nos of AO GE offices for implementation of Project Vishwak. So far in 20 AO GE offices the Project has been implemented. The Project was implemented in these 20 Nos of AO GE offices and training imparted to the Officers / staff working there. Since then they were working in their own system. On obtaining the VPNoBB connection the 13 Nos of AO GE offices have been connected with the Vishwak Server raised in MO, CDA Guwahati and their data have begun to be captured there. 2 Nos of AO GE offices have so far not been covered. These are (1) AO GE 859 EWS and (2) AO GE 869 EWS. The Project will be implemented in both the offices very soon. The Server in the MO, CDA Guwahati can be accessed for the purpose of working in the Project through MPLS VPN connection by accessing into the site